Download AccuWeather for Android

We have the perfect solution; you just need go to your Play Store and download AccuWeather for Android. This amazing app is the best option if you need to face rainy, sunny, windy or cloudy days correctly.

AccuWeather also delivers a wide range of enterprise solutions to media, business, and institutions. As well as weather news, content, and videos. This app was created by the Dr Joel N. Myers, a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society.

AccuWeather app download

The accurate prediction of weather all around the world is the main goal of this app. Almost 2 billion people trust in this app, because it is helpful for them to plan their lives, protect their businesses and their health, and get more from their days and nights.


Maybe you would think you do not need this kind of app, but after you download it, you will be more comfortable since it provides minute-by-minute forecasts with an amazing accuracy. So, basically, if you are planning to go out with your friends or to have a romantic dinner, you can check on the weather using this app and get to know if you should carry your umbrella with you. No one wants to go into a fancy restaurant looking all wet!

How to download AccuWeather for Android

AccuWeather is free and available on most Android device in the Play Store. It is free, but also, it offers an ad-free version of the app called “AccuWeather Platinum”. So, if you prefer this version when you download AccuWeather for Android, you will have to pay $2.99 to download it.

Once you have chosen if you want the free or the paid version, you just have to go to the searching area of the Play Store and write “AccuWeather”. Once there, go to the version you prefer the most and click on install. The app will be downloaded and installed on your device automatically.


Download AccuWeather

Also, if you do not have or do not use the Play Store, you can download it as an APK from websites as, uptodown or softonic, which are totally safe. If you do it on your computer, you will need and USB connector in order to transfer the file to your device or you could open your device’s explorer and download it straight to it.

There is one more option if you do not use the Play Store, but also, do not trust those kind of websites. There is an app called Aptoide, which is an alternative app store for Android. In there, you will find AccuWeather totally free in a safe way.

With its offices all around the world and more global users than any other weather media company; definitely this is one of the best apps of this kind. Now that you know how to download AccuWeather for Android, do it and start enjoying its amazing features!

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