Gmail sign in – Gmail login

Gmail is the email address of google, it is the first time you use gmail you recommend creating a gmail account in’ll call you have to put your username plus password, your date of birth, gender, mobile phone, and your current email address. You must show that you are human by completing the two words, plus you select your location, and accept all the terms of google and privacy policy. Also google may use your information to personalize +1 s on content and ads for sites that do not belong to google.

Gmail Login

To sign in gmail you must place your username and password secret also, remember that you can select the button does not close session if you are in a safe place for login gmail. If you can not access your account you must select the link “you can not access your account”

Create your account to Google

With your gmail account you can talk, chat share, store, organize and use all the products offered by gmail, also you can share youtube videos, and social networking with google +, only you have to enter your name and password. Also with your google account can access all your gmail content such as photos and even buy from google wallet.
Also with google + can select the content you want to share with your friends and family, start a video call, send a message to several of your friends and follow all publications. You can enjoy your friends documents with google docs.

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